Outdoor Prolink, Where Authentic Outdoor Pros Get Their Gear with founder Gareth Richards [EP 283]

Gareth began his outdoor career as a guide and educator then got into the online biz with planet outdoors dot come before online was a thing. He spent time as VP of sales with Lowe Alpine and Mountainsmith and started Prolink in September of 2004 . . . Wow, we were just kids . . .

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Show Notes


Lowe Alpine

Mountain Smith

The Teifi River

Prescott College

Cornell University


What outdoor activities do you guys participate in you and your family?

“I still rock climb with a bunch of buddies, paddle a little bit, not as much as I used to and mountain bike and ski.”

Gareth's Advice to get into the Outdoor Industry

Do your homework, and align yourself with brands, with companies who have the same values as you.

Gareth's favorite piece of outdoor gear under a hundred dollars.

Grayl water purifier

Follow up with Gareth



Outdoor Prolink





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