The Tinkle Belle- a product where any woman can get out and GO! [EP 273]

The Tinkle Belle was designed by a group of professional, adventurous women from Northwestern Montana. Their mission was to create a product where any woman could #getoutandGO!  And only the perfect product would be good enough to release on the market. With the Tinkle Belle, women have the freedom to GO anywhere the men go. Let Peedom ring!

Show Notes

The Tinkle Belle

If you have to go, you have to go. Guys just out, find a quiet spot, and pee, it's different for women. The main inspiration behind the product was just having to find somewhere to squat, to pee when you were having fun outside. Any woman can use The tinkle Belle while hiking, camping, road trips, on airlines, winter activities, boating, mobility issues, and in dirty restrooms. Take your Tinkle Belle with you everywhere to make life a little cleaner and easier when you have to go!

Adyn's Introduction to the Outdoors

I grew up in Montana, so the outdoors is something that's just inherently part of my life. Hiking, camping, boating, all of those sorts of things are something that we just do, maybe not on a daily basis, but on the weekends. That's something that we always try to take a part of when we can, it's right there for you.

The Tinkle Belle Construction

It's an injection-molded medical grade, plastic, silicone, and latex-free. It has two types of material in it, so that it's foldable, but it still has the back edge that's sturdy to use within clothing. It has anti-microbial and hydrophobic built into the plastics so that it sheds excess liquids. And then also it doesn't collapse when you put it into clothing.

The Tinkle Belle Testing

That process actually took just about two years. Which kind of surprised even me, because it looks like a simple thing to create, but to get those curves just right you have to get the dimensions, correct. And to get the materials chosen correctly so that they did what we wanted. It took quite a while. And at the time, just to get the engineering and communicate the engineering, not that it's just hard. There are curves involved. The engineers were men, to be honest, they couldn't relate.

One of our Goals

We knew we wanted a product that would help women. If there are other products that we can create that helps women, that we can add on down the line, that'd be awesome. So the Tinkle Belle has definitely become a brand and I hope that we can create other cool things that help women in the outdoors.

How to Clean your Tinkle Belle

If you have water, I just rinse a little bit of water through it. Or take something like a little disposable wipe and wipe it, or you can just wash it when you get home. It does have the anti-microbial built into the plastic. So it resists building, growing germs, and odor. So if you can't wash it I just fold it and then wash it when I get home.

God Forgives Foundation

Our foundation the God Forgives Foundation helps build and sustain orphanages and schools throughout the United States. Currently, they are in India, and we are looking to expand into other areas and help as many children as we can.

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