Wild Tribute began as a small spark of wonder ignited into a burning passion to honor National Parks and Public Lands [EP 278]

A small spark of wonder ignited into a burning passion to do something meaningful, something that matters for National Parks and Public Lands thus Wild Tribute was born. Ben Keiffner and I talk about that inspiration, the people behind Wild Tribute, how they get their cool artwork, and more.

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Wild Tribute

Ben Kieffner

Brian Stowers

Sean Stowers


How Ben Got into the Outdoors

I grew up in the state of Kentucky. It was always in the woods playing and in the creeks behind my home and playing with friends outside. And I think that just naturally spiraled into an affinity for being outside and then have the opportunity to move west and live in Denver for some time. That's what really, I think, opened my eyes to the mountain life and more or less just all the adventures that can be had.

4% to National Parks and Public Lands

4% of our top-line revenues, go back to organizations that support our national parks and public lands. And that's really why we do what we do. And so that's always been at the forefront of all of our decision-making and anything and everything we do, specific to a business strategy.

Printed and Fulfilled in the US

The product is primarily manufactured in central America and then it is finished in the United States.

Predominantly it should be understood that we get the product, we source it, and then we manufacture it. But then everything is more or less printed fulfilled in the right here in the states, whether that's in Utah, where we're based or some of our partners are in California as well.

Ben's thoughts on how we can educate new outdoor participants about the basics of camping and hiking?

So we gotta do our part. Of course. So I think to answer your question, part of its repetitions, I think hopefully more people go out and it's not just this one experience.

I think more often than not one experience takes you to another, but after one, two, three, four times, and these places that are striking you with inspiration and awe, I think it kicks in that, okay, I'm going to take care of this place a little better and clean up after myself.

Advice for folks wanting to get into the outdoor biz.

Just like any job, I think you've got to find you got to find a company or a project that you connect to and see where it takes you. And flexibility is obviously I think important for folks that are in an outdoor industry, so they can focus on what they love doing during most of the day, but they also want to recreate Because that's a big reason why I entered the industry in the first place. So flexibility is important, but at the same time, it's also a perk.

Favorite outdoor gear purchase under $100

Arcade Belts

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