Outdoor Biz Sponsorship Details

The Outdoor Biz Podcast sponsorships only work if they are valuable to our listeners.

Our commitment is to work with sponsorships from companies and products we use in our Outdoor Adventures or to produce The Outdoor Biz Podcast. Doing this enables us to endorse the products as well as recommend the best products and services to our audience.

As a bonus to you, we also require our podcast sponsors to provide a unique and valuable offer to our listeners. Below you will find the current offers from our sponsors.

If you have any questions about any of the offers listed, please contact us below and we can help you make the best decision for your business and situation.

Current sponsorship offers for listeners

Please note that some of these sponsors rotate on a monthly basis depending on available space


If you’re starting an online business, publishing a blog and looking to take your online presence to the next level visit theoutoorbizpodcast.com/wordpress today.

With simple installation tools and thousands of themes to choose from you’ll be up and running in no time,

Visit theoutoorbizpodcast.com/wordpress and get your site launched today!


 Today's episode is brought to you by audible. if you use Audible then you know, if not you’re missing out. It’s like having a library in your phone. And I use it . . . a lot.

Audible helps the miles fly by on the road or in the air as I’m enjoying great books I discover or are recommended by friends – get a FREE audiobook download and 30-day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/theoutdoorbizpodcast 


If you’re starting an online business and looking to take your online store to the next level visit theoutoorbizpodcast.com/woocomerce today.

with simple installation tools and integration. you’ll be up and running in no time,

Go to theoutoorbizpodcast.com/woocomerce and get your store launched today!


If you’re starting an online business and looking to take your online store to the next level visit theoutoorbizpodcast.com/woocomerce today.

with simple installation tools and integration, you’ll be up and running in no time,

Visit go to theoutoorbizpodcast.com/jetpack and get your store launched today!


Today's podcast is brought to you by Creative Live. Start learning for free today with their amazing selection of live and on-air classes. With over 1,500 curated classes in Photography & Video, Money & Life, Craft & Maker, Art & Design, and Music & Audio, there is something for everyone. I’ve watched many of their on-air broadcasts for free or buy a class and own the content for life.

Go to theoutdoorbizpodcast.com/creativelive and start building creative skills from the world's top experts today.

Inmotion Hosting

Today's podcast is brought to you by Inmotion Hosting. I’ve used Inmotion Hosting to host my websites for years. Rick Saez Photos blog, Stillwaters Consulting and The Outdoor Biz Podcast are all hosted with Inmotion Hosting. If your new years' resolution is to publish a blog, produce a podcast or simply secure a domain name

Visit theoutdoorbizpodcast.com/inmotion and sign up today.

Past sponsorship offers for listeners

Tribe Alpha

Tribe Alpha is great eCommerce for the great outdoors and can help you improve the performance of your eCommerce site.

With more than 25 years of web experience, tribe alpha has a long and successful history working with retailers in the outdoor industry and will help you grow your eCommerce business. And Outdoor Biz Podcast listeners get a special discount:

Visit Tribe Alpha dot com slash offer to receive a ten percent discount off their standard pricing. That’s Tribe Alpha dot com slash offer

Oru Kayak

Use Code “OUTDOORBIZ15” for 15% OFF your new Oru Kayak and send us a picture of you paddling.


use code OUTDOORBIZPOD at checkout for 15% OFF your order.


If you need flexible small business financing Kabbage has the answer. Kabbage helps small business owners access capital right away, without any headaches.

Apply online or from your phone. You’ll get an automatic decision and can use any amount you need when you need it.

Kabbage has supported over one hundred thousand small businesses with four billion dollars in Funding.

Visit Kabbage dot com slash OUTDOORBIZ. When you qualify you’ll get a fifty dollar VISA gift card you can use anywhere. That’s Kabbage with “K” K A B B A G E dot com slash OUTDOORBIZ

Are you interested in joining The Outdoor Biz Podcast Sponsors?

The Outdoor Biz Podcast has built a loyal and engaged audience of educated, active Outdoor and Fly Fishing enthusiasts, Adventure Travelers, and small business owners. People interested and participating in outdoor activities like climbing, skiing, backpacking, adventure travel as well as looking to begin careers in the Outdoor and Adventure Industry are all part of the Outdoor Biz Podcast audience.

If you want to establish your brand as a leader in these market places — these are the people you want to reach.

Rick Saez, the host of The Outdoor Biz Podcast, has over 30 years of experience leading brands in Outdoor, Adventure Travel, and Fly fishing. Rick has built a powerful connection with his audience of engaged and truly active listeners.

Marketing That Keeps Paying Returns

When you sponsor The Outdoor Biz Podcast, not only do you get the immediate exposure but you also receive evergreen marketing even after your sponsorship period ends.

Yes, you pay once, and your ad continues to get downloaded and heard by 1000s of listeners for years to come.

Every single day new outdoor enthusiasts are finding out about The Outdoor Biz Podcast, listening to new episodes and going back to listen to archived episodes of The Outdoor Biz Podcast.

What Podcast Sponsorship Consists of:

  • Show Sponsor 60-Second Pre-Roll: and a featured Logo and link on The Outdoor Biz Podcast website home page and show notes page of every episode you sponsor
  • Episode Sponsor 30-45 sec Intro: and a show notes link of every episode you sponsor
  • Episode Sponsor 30-45 sec Outro:
  • Each episode gets downloaded 400+ times in the first six weeks, often more!

Current Sponsor Rates (1/1/2020-3/30/2020)

Show Sponsor- $400 (4 episode min)

Episode Intro-$300 ( 4 episode min )

Episode Outro-$200 ( 4 episode min )

Contact us today for current information on podcast sponsorship rates and opportunities? rick@ricksaez.com ; 760-473-6302

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